Pastor Ralph Nebraska


I’ve purchased several saddles over the years. I’ve purchased a western roping saddle, a western trail saddle, a Buena vista saddle, and two styles of Australian saddles. And it wasn’t until I purchased my first CTK saddle through Sycamore Creek Saddles that I found the best trail saddle for my Missouri Fox Trotter and for me. The craftsmanship is great. The comfort is unbelievable. I purchased a custom TASA01-B saddle through Sycamore Creek Saddlery, and it is AWESOME! It fits Goldie my Fox Trotter, and it fits me, and VERY comfortable. If you’re looking for a great trail saddle that is custom made, and not expensive (gaited or non-gaited), then I would say a CTK saddle through Sycamore Creek Saddles is the way to go. Dawn the owner is the best. I want to thank Dawn for all her assistance in helping me pick one of the best saddles for trail riding for Goldie and for me.