Sycamore Creek Saddles and CTK Saddlery

Sycamore Creek Saddles LLC Established in 2006

Sycamore Creek Saddles was started in 2003 by Tony Pritchett.  Tony had Paso’s but found it near impossible to find tack that was available for the gaited Paso Fino, and when he did find it he thought the price was outrageous.  Knowing that he could not just purchase any saddle off the shelf,  Tony did a lot of research and found a family run business in Bogota Colombia called CTK Saddlery.  Tony spoke with them about his needs and paid everything needed to get a saddle made for him and his Paso.  Once his saddle arrived he was beyond impressed at the quality and workmanship of his new custom gaited saddle.  After riding just a short time he realized that his Paso had seemed to move better and gait more naturally.  Not only Tony was impressed but others who rode and knew Tony wanted a CTK Saddle as well, and that was it Sycamore Creek Saddles was born!

My name is Dawn Emerson, I am the owner of Sycamore Creek Saddles since January 2017.  I got my first CTK Saddle in 2010, it was actually given to me and I had no idea what it was, I had never seen anything like it.  I looked all over the internet but could not find anything out about the CTK Saddle I just inherited.  In June of 20 for the National HTCAA Ride in Custer South Dakota.  That is when I noticed my good friend Shannon had a CTK Saddle, I got super excited and screamed ” You have a CTK Saddle!!”  She laughed and said “why yes I do”.  Then she explained to me how she found Tony and Sycamore Creek Saddles after finding her saddle on an auction site.  She also explained to me that Sycamore Creek Saddles was here in my backyard, Nashville TN.

Funny enough how things happen.  Later that summer my friend had told me that Tony wanted to retire, so Tony and I talked.  And at the end of December 2016 we took a drive to Nashville and I became the new owner of Sycamore Creek Saddles.  I have had so much fun meeting new people from all over the world!  I get to used my creative talents when working on each saddle.  Making sure to pay attention to each and every customer as though they were the very first one.

My goal here at Sycamore Creek Saddles LLC, is to make sure that every rider in North America fully understands the importance of a good fitting saddle for their horse, regardless if they are Trail Riders, Dressage, Jumpers, Trainers, working on the ranch or just a ride around their home.  I also want to make sure every rider understands that they can have a High Quality Leather custom made saddle for a very reasonable price.

Since 2017 I have been living the dream!  Meeting wonderful horse people, amazing horses and creating beautiful saddles.  I am doing my best to expand Sycamore Creek Saddles and go to Trade Shows all over the United States and expand our exposure on the internet.  If you know of a Horse Show or Horse Expo near you and would like to see Sycamore Creek Saddles there offering you a chance to see CTK Saddlery let us know!

I believe my best advertisement is you!  So I am always trying to do my very best to make sure each and every horse and owner has a great experience while creating their custom handmade CTK Saddle, or even purchasing one from our In Stock and Bargain Barn!

Who is CTK Saddlery?

In the year of 1999 the Castelblanco brothers, Daniel and Leonardo decided to start with a new journey and started to get involved in the equine world by participating in trail horse riding with some friends. From this moment, they thought about selling saddles with the needs of both the rider and the horse. By 2000 they officially constituted CTK SADDLERY, a company manufacturer, marketer and exporter of handmade saddles for Paso Fino breeds using the best quality material and with the knowledge of their workers who are part of a family which generation after generation have been dedicated to the art of making saddles.

By 2004 the company was already consolidated and well known in the Colombian market. At the same time their sales in foreign markets were increasing in a moderate way which gave the company the opportunity to intensify their efforts to open new markets. This is how by 2006 the Castelblanco brothers were contacted by Tony Prittchet, who became the first exclusive representative in United States for CTK SADDLERY.

Since 2006 until now, the sales in foreign markets have increased in an exponential way making the worldwide sales the principal priority for the company. However, in order to accomplish the demand in the market, CTK SADDLERY realized that making saddles for other breeds was also important to help in the growth of the company, it is why CTK SADDLERY does not just make saddles for Paso Fino in fact  we make saddles for every kind of horses (gaited and non-gaited) by taking the right measurements of each horse. We have made saddles for every kind of horse going form Paso Fino horses to Frisian horses.

Starting 2016, the structure of CTK SADDLERY changed a little bit. First of all, Tony decided to retire from the business after had made a wonderful job as representative of our brand in United States, opening the way to Dawn Emerson the new exclusive representative for North America (United States & Canada). In 2018 the Castelblanco brothers decided to vouchsafed the company in the hands of Daniel´s son Junio Castelblanco, who has grown at the same time with the company and knows it better than anyone.

The most important thing about CTK SADDLERY is that always the main goal is to make the perfect saddle for each customer and of course for each horse. Our idea is that both the rider and the horse have to enjoy the trail ride and there is not a better way than using a CTK SADDLE.


That is right we MOVED.  I am a Montana Native and was living in the Southeast for nearly 15 years, and I enjoyed my time there and met wonderful people (including Tony Pritchett)  and made many friends, but my heart was always drawn home, to my Montana!  Thankfully my desire has come to pass and I was blessed to come back home.  Sycamore Creek Saddles offers CTK Saddlery Saddles to every part of North America and we continue growing, we just are based in Montana now!!   Home Sweet Montana!!!   A most beautiful place to enjoy the journey!