Shannon from Wisconsin

I grew up showing English but in the last 14 years I got into Trail Riding. I never felt comfortable in a traditional western saddle (I always had pain in my knees after riding a couple of hours and always hurt after a ride). But my English saddle didn’t quite cut it out on the trails. I had searched for almost a year for the right saddle, and one I could comfortably afford. I came across Sycamore Creek Saddles and was surprised by how affordable they were. And I truly loved the way they looked. But, when I rode in my saddle for the first time, is when I truly fell in love with it. It fits me, as well as my horse, perfectly. And I can honestly say my knees nor hips hurt at all after long rides. It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in and I will be faithful Sycamore Creek Saddles fan for the rest of my life!

~Shannon Schraufnagel, CEO & Founder of “Horse Trails & Camping Across America”