Shannon From Texas


I am at a loss for words… in an amazing way. This is lengthy, but read to the end. ?? I ordered a custom saddle a little over a month ago. I had all intentions of paying for it but put the deposit at the time of order. My father, a wonderful guy, paid for it as a Christmas present (more than I could ever ask for) and I was stoked. Dawn with Sycamore Creek Saddles was an amazing person to work with. Very detailed. Informative. Really nice woman all- around. She made sure I chose the best saddle for Rosey and I and ensured that everything I requested be put into the saddle. 🙂 She has many models and styles to choose from. I was able to pick colors, designs, and leather types as well. I added stamps for a small additional charge, but she runs specials regularly. It came with the custom saddle, breast plate, and crupper. Upon receiving it I took it to the barn to have my “reveal” moment with my trainer present. I took off the bubble wrap and fell in love with it right away. Beautiful detailing. Just the right amount of blue in it. Wonderful design. I saw the compass on it and the rough out on the fender and was ecstatic. I placed some bubble wrap on the rail and placed the saddle on top.. then I saw it. The quote from my father that he had added on via stamping. “Shannon, Always enjoy your ride. Love Always, Dad” I lost it. The tears flowed and I confused both my trainer and another girl who were in there as to why I started balling my eyes out. This saddle was designed so I will always have him with me. He is a lover of the ocean and an avid fisherman. The saddle is black to represent ships moving through the moonlight. I put the blue for the ocean (the right amount not to overpower or make the saddle look gaudy). And the nautical compass.. a symbol every sailor knows. My father text me during my lesson to say: “Remember, if the compass is true. You can always find your way !!!!” I cried again. It was the least I could do to thank him for it. I am beyond speechless. I have several hours of ride time in it now with no signs of wear. Its comfortable, light, and of great quality and craftsmanship. The seat is cushioned and it seems to fit Rosey very well (we did all her sizing before ordering). I do need to get a thinner pad as the one I have is 1 in and I need a 1/2 in or less for best results with a custom. She moved well and it worked for both of us. The crupper was a little rough on one side so Dawn showed CTK the pictures and they made me covers to prevent rubbing. I’ll happily order from her again. The problem was resolved quickly and effectively. I’m definitely pleased with everything all around. Signed, A very happy Mule and Momma