Sometimes we have items that are currently In Stock and placed into the Bargain Barn

You still need to measure your horse to make sure that the items listed will fit your horse or mule, as we always say, it is better for you to measure at least twice, to make sure your measurements are correct. As the age old construction saying goes “measure twice, cut once”. The single wire measurement will be sufficient for the In Stock/ Bargain Barn Saddles (THE SINGLE WIRE MEASUREMENT BY TONY:
Please remember the seat sizes listed are Colombian Seat Sizes. So if you need a 15” Western seat size you will want to look at the CTK 16”. If you have any questions concerning fit please make sure to contact us and we will help you with proper fitting.

ALL Items In Stock/ Bargain Barn sales are final and will not be refunded or exchange no exceptions
The reason we have to do this is because if the saddle is shipped back and forth to many times, at some point we could no longer call it a Brand New Saddle. Also we want to make sure that the saddle is not damaged in shipping, shipping a saddle over and over will increase the chances of the saddle being damaged.
All items In Stock or in the Bargain Barn are brand new.