WESTERN SADDLES: The CTK Saddlery Western Saddle got its name because they are used for more traditional western riding,  a true working ranch saddle loved by well-known cowboys all over the world. Our Western saddles are normally our biggest saddles, yet they are really comfortable. Our trees are one piece from the cantle to the horn, giving our Western Saddles an extremely strong horn in the front, for the precise strength when you have to tie up something heavy, like roping or pulling, like what happens in rodeos or vaqueria activities.  CTK Western Saddle trees are made from one solid piece of wood which makes our Western saddle and the horn really resistant for any activity. Usually a traditional Western Saddle is pretty heavy and with a hard seat, however our saddles are lighter than the standard ones without loss of the Western magnificence and with a comfortable and soft seat making it not only a strong and beautiful working saddle but also making it perfect for long trail rides.