TEREQUES: a TEREQUE is a style of saddle that instead of having a traditional upright horn in the front; it has an arch that gives the rider the possibility to hold on to it just in case of any mishap making this kind of saddle more secure. It is perfect for new riders without too much experience or for when you go on really long trail rides with your horse.  These saddles have, as with most all our saddles, high density foam in the seat and in the underside to make it more comfortable for the rider and the horse, all the visible ironwork is stainless steel, so it will not corrode or rust.  And CTK Saddlery Saddles are made with only the best leather quality. Any of our Tereques can be done in any size from 15” to 18” and with the exact angle of your horse according to the back mapping measurements done by Sycamore Creek Saddles