Making our saddles unique is what we do!!  As the Sycamore Creek Saddles motto goes: ” Because the Trail in this life is unique, your Saddle Should be too” (TM)

For nearly 20 years now CTK has been well know for our comfortable saddles, comfort for you with our closed cell memory foam seats and the comfort of your horse or mule with the closed cell memory foam placed on the underside of our saddles, making sure your horse or mule is as comfortable as you are.  We are also known for our exceptional quality Colombian Leather and Expert Craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We are now also being known for making your saddle stand out by giving you many options to truly make your saddle as unique as you are!!  Making our CTK Saddles truly a work of art.

Choose your color

We have 7 Colors to choose from: Standard Black, Standard Alex, Oiled Alex, Standard C.V., Oiled C.V., Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.   You can have your saddle one solid color or we can design your saddle with a two tone style. We can even get much more creative with your colors but make sure you ask about pricing as some color combinations will require an up charge from CTK Saddlery.  If your saddle offers buck or cross stitching we can also choose the color of the stitching.

Please keep in mind leather is a natural material and we cannot guarantee an exact color, that is why I have the different pictures above.  Leather will take dye differently from leather to leather.  We only use the highest quality  Colombian Leather available.

On some of our saddles you will notice there is Buck Stitching, Rolled Edge Accents or Cross Stitching.  We can get as creative as you like.   Please remember that some changes will require an up charge.

If the saddle you have chose does not have the accent stitching but you would like it added to your saddle please make sure to contact me so I can get a quote for you.

Upgraded options are if you want your buck stitching in colors we do not normally offer, such as a blue, teal, green or pink.  Upgrade Cost is usually around $150.00 depending on the color.

The choice of Saddle Undersides

Smooth Leather or Rough Out Leather these choices are included in the price of your saddle.

Upgraded Underside Choices Include:

100% Real Sheepskin or 100% Wool Felt

Sheepskin can come in Black, Brown, White or a off White Color, but we cannot guarantee the color available at the time you place your order.

Wool Felt only comes in Grey or Black, Black is not always available.

Either the Sheepskin or Wool Felt Upgraded Option is $210.00

Choose your Stirrups:

CTK Trail Stirrups, Tapaderos or Open Leather Wrapped.   Your stirrup choice is also included in the price of your saddle.

The open leather wrapped Stirrups are not recommended for folks with wide feet, we recommend the Trail Stirrups.

Our Stirrups are also available for purchase without saddle purchase.

Trail Stirrups $140.00

Open Leather Wrapped $88.00

Tapaderos $160.00

Seat Size and Cantle Height:

We Measure our seat sizes differently than that of the Western Style Saddles. To help if you normally ride in a 16″ Western Seat you would order a 17″ Colombian Seat Size. Please see the seating size below for more information.

You can order your saddle with as low as a 3″ cantle to as high as a 5″ canlte.  These options are included in the price of your saddle. If you have a hard time putting your leg over your seat we do not recommend you to order your saddle with a high cantle.  If you want a nice deep seat then we recommend the 5″ cantle.

Our Seating Chart:

There is a lot of room for personal preference with seat sizing, but as a general rule it is better to error on the side of ordering a seat size that is too large rather than erring on the side of a seat that will be too small.

Things to Consider

Barrel riders usually take 1” less on the seat size 
16” Trail Rider = 15” Barrel Rider
Ranch (slick seats) usually ride smaller (1/2inch seat size) so they don’t slide around 
16” is for most men, 15” for most women
Trail Saddles with High Cantles (5”) make the seat sizes feel smaller 
Trail Saddle with 5” cantle will feel smaller in the seat than one with a 3.5” cantle
English Saddles don’t convert exactly but often are 2” bigger 
18” English = 16” Western

Saddle Size Comparison:
CTK               Western            English          Aussie
14″                      13″                      15″                 15″

15″                      14″                      16″                 16″

16″                      15″                      17″                  17″

17″                       16″                     18″                  18″

18″                       17″                     19″                  19″

CTK Also offers our seat sizes in half inch sizes

We also offer Custom Stamping!!!

Make your saddle even more unique with custom stamping!!!  Do you have something special you want on your saddle?  We can do that!!  Our stamps can be made up to 5″.  We take your design and CTK casts a mold and stamps it onto your leather.  The price per cast is $100.00.  Over the last couple of years we have expanded the customization of our saddles to personal stamping!!  If you have a design already we can have CTK Saddlery make a mold so that your leather can be stamped with that design.  If you need our help with your design please ask.  I offer graphic design services starting at $60.00 for a simple design, more complicated designs or taking your pictures and making them into line designs for stamps starts at $100.00.  The cost will be depending on detail and time.

Most of the designs below are my artwork.



Bucking Rolls

Bucking Rolls can be added to most of our saddles.  If this is an option you would like please let us know.  I can let you know if it is possible on the saddle you would like.  Our CTK Bucking Rolls are made just like our saddles, handmade with high quality Colombian Leather.  Our Bucking Rolls are removable.    Cost $70.00

Accent Color, choose your favorite color to accent your saddle!

You can add your favorite color to you saddle with Buck Stitching, Cross Stitching, wrap the horn or do the whole seat with color!

Send us a color swatch of your desired color and lets see if we can get if for you!  Below are just a few examples of our Color Leather Accents

How about a little Bling???

We can add Crystals to your saddle, water bottle holders, breast collars, gun holsters, knife cases……

If there is an option not listed here that you would like on your saddle, please just ask, more than likely CTK is able to do it!  Perhaps you want a cow fur seat!