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Because your Trail in this life is unique.

Your saddle should be too!

Sycamore Creek Saddles is Now in California.

Under New Management

Same Great Service, Same Great CTK Custom Handmade Leather Saddles!

Kristin From a Google Review


Sycamore Creek Saddles, LLC truly cares about the horse…
August 2, 2020/by Dawn

Pastor Ralph Nebraska


I’ve purchased several saddles over the years.…
August 1, 2020/by Dawn

Shannon From Texas


I am at a loss for words... in an amazing way.…
August 1, 2020/by Dawn

Amy From Wisconsin

My hard-to-fit haflinger draft pony finally has a high-quality…
August 1, 2020/by Dawn

Sam from Michigan

Samuel Frush reviewed Sycamore Creek Saddles CTK — 5 star

August 1, 2020/by Dawn

Julie from CA

This saddle
August 1, 2020/by Dawn

Elyse From California

After trying several saddles (2 off the shelf AND one custom…
August 1, 2020/by Dawn

Carolyn from Oregon

"Greetings! It has been some time since I purchased my GMARATON2…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Lisa from Tennessee

That is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in,…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Reuben From South Dakota


I have been riding horses since childhood. I…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Shannon from Wisconsin

I grew up showing English but in the last 14 years I got…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Chris from Ohio


Rode in my new CTK saddle 1st time yesterday!…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Janice from Missouri

Hi Dawn!  My saddle is a keeper!!  My horse and I love…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Phoebe from Alabama

I can't say enough good things about my new CTK Saddle from…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Helen From Georgia

Just got my CTK Saddle from Sycamore Creek Saddles.  Fits…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Heather from Ohio

Complete satisfaction!!    After 6 failed attempts at…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Zoe & Lisa from Texas

I cannot tell you how much my daughter and I love our saddles.…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn

Kris from Texas

"WOW! I just got my CTK saddle. I am really impressed. I…
December 5, 2017/by Dawn