The SVC Series Western Saddle by CTK is a very affordable custom leather saddle.

All of our Western Saddles are made with wood tress. The horn of the CTK Western Saddle is actually a part of the tree, so it is very strong and sturdy. Excellent for roping or calving. A true strong and sturdy Western Saddle by CTK Saddlery.  This saddle has our also has our memory foam seat.

A lot of western saddles made today the horn is nailed into the tree, causing them to have a week point at the base of the horn.

Product Price $838.00

Product Description

The SVC001-C  Western Saddle by CTK

The SVC001 Series Saddle weighs about 20 pounds and is about 23″ long. (approximate length and weight)

Great Saddle for only $798.00

All of our Saddles are customizable.  Pick your Saddle color, Seat Color and material type, Stirrups type, Leather Stamping or other designs to truly make your CTK Saddle unique.

To Order your Saddle:
Email your saddle order to

call or text me at 828-387-7007

All of our Saddles are made with the highest quality Colombian Leather that is oiled and supple.  Each Saddle is handmade to your wishes.  CTK Saddlery makes our Saddles the traditional way, using wood for the trees, wrapping it in rawhide and sun curing it for a long time until it is hard as a rock.  All the leather is hand sewn with hemp and rot resistant nylon.  All of our hardware is stainless steel.

Each Saddle comes with a Cinch or Girth, and nylon Rigging Straps.  (Leather Rigging straps can be ordered for an additional $88.00)

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