What our clients say

“Greetings! It has been some time since I purchased my GMARATON2 from you for my Arabian gelding but I just had to drop you a line and a picture to say it is still the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever owned. The pic is from just over a week ago. We did 7 hr rides, two days in a row and my ‘buns’ were in heaven the whole time as was my horse’s back. I would not have endured those long rides in my other saddles – I would have been getting off and walking! Plus there are all of those wonderful rings to attach my saddle bags n stuff! To say it is super comfortable to ride in would be a serious understatement.
Thanks again!

Carolyn in Oregon

Carolyn from Oregon

That is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in, in my whole life!!!

I have not rode in a few years and to go out on a 5 hour ride and not have any soreness whatsoever is amazing!!!

Lisa & Callie the Paso

Lisa from Tennessee


I have been riding horses since childhood. I ride approximately 400 miles a year. Also being a truck driver for 15 years it’s caused me to have a sore back at times. Usually after riding 2-3 hours I’d start feeling it. I received my CTK saddle in March, custom made for my horse. The comfort is amazing. I now rode 5+ hours and don’t get a sore back at all, and the light weight is easier to saddle up with and better for my horse!

–Reuben Miller & Tonto the Mustang

Reuben From South Dakota

I grew up showing English but in the last 14 years I got into Trail Riding. I never felt comfortable in a traditional western saddle (I always had pain in my knees after riding a couple of hours and always hurt after a ride). But my English saddle didn’t quite cut it out on the trails. I had searched for almost a year for the right saddle, and one I could comfortably afford. I came across Sycamore Creek Saddles and was surprised by how affordable they were. And I truly loved the way they looked. But, when I rode in my saddle for the first time, is when I truly fell in love with it. It fits me, as well as my horse, perfectly. And I can honestly say my knees nor hips hurt at all after long rides. It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in and I will be faithful Sycamore Creek Saddles fan for the rest of my life!

~Shannon Schraufnagel, CEO & Founder of “Horse Trails & Camping Across America”

Shannon from Wisconsin


Rode in my new CTK saddle 1st time yesterday! Thank you, Dawn at Sycamore Creek Saddlery! I love it, fits Josie and me perfectly! There is absolutely no pressure on my feet. I could ride without any stirrups!

I just love my saddle! It fits Josie perfect and after riding in it for 2 weeks in South Dakota, I can say it has perfect balance, doesn’t pitch me forward like my last 2 saddles I had and there is absolutely no pressure in my feet or knees!

Chris & Josie

Chris from Ohio

Hi Dawn!  My saddle is a keeper!!  My horse and I love it!!  Thank you for a beautiful well made saddle that my horse Carmen and I can enjoy for years!!

Janice & Carmen

Janice from Missouri

I can’t say enough good things about my new CTK Saddle from Sycamore Creek Saddles! It fits my mare so well and is so light weight and comfortable for me. Dawn was a wonderful help in assisting me with assessment of my wither tracing to get a great fit for both myself and my small statured Paso Fino mare. She worked with me for two weeks, looking through her stock, and checking each of those saddles to find a good match. I look forward to many great rides in this well made, beautiful saddle.


Phoebe from Alabama

Just got my CTK Saddle from Sycamore Creek Saddles.  Fits my Daisy perfect and it is really comfortable for me.  Looking forward to nice long rides.  Thank you Dawn!

Helen From Georgia

Complete satisfaction!!    After 6 failed attempts at trying to find a saddle to fit my Icelandic, I finally can say contacting Dawn at Sycamore Creek Saddles was the best thing I could have done! My CTK fits my horse and myself perfectly! Boy did I waste my time trying all those other saddle brands! This saddle is not only the perfect fit it is beyond comfortable and beautiful as well. Thank you so much Dawn for making sure every last detail was taken care of!!!

Many Happy Trails, Heather

Heather from Ohio

I cannot tell you how much my daughter and I love our saddles. I originally was only going to purchase one saddle for my draft mule. I did some research and found that Sycamore Creek will custom make a saddle for less than $1000.00. I sent in my measurements. I was in constant contact with Dawn and she would help me figure out how to measure and all the details so that I would be getting a good fitting saddle. The saddle came in and I tried it on Monroe. I sent her pics and she forwarded them on to her saddle makers in Colombia. They didn’t like the fit so for no cost to me…had me re-measure Monroe and made me a new saddle. (who does that?!?!) I am completely new to the equine world so I had so many questions and needed a lot of help…this is the place to go if you want a great fitting saddle for a decent price…and at only 22 pounds I can lift it onto my big 16.4 hand boy no problem. I went to a mule trainer this summer and he was extremely impressed with the workmanship and quality of the saddle. He even tried it on another mule and said that if I ever got another mule it would probably work just fine.
Now onto my daughter…she got an older Tennessee Walker last year. After one season of drill team if she got anywhere close to him with a saddle this once gentle and sweet boy would try to kick her…he was hurting and he needed a saddle that was made for a gaited horse. Dawn worked with me and got me exactly what I needed. This company is out to prove that with good customer service, a passion for what they do and excellent craftsmanship you can have a saddle that won’t break the bank.

Lisa, Zoe and Monroe

Zoe & Lisa from Texas

“WOW! I just got my CTK saddle. I am really impressed. I have owned Tuckers, Dixielands, and Tennesseans- this is by far a much better quality and fit at a fraction of the cost of my other saddles. Thank you, Dawn! My custom artwork is perfect. Customer for life right here!”

Kris L.
October 1 2017

Kris from Texas

Join us at the Midwest Horse Fair April 20, 21 and 22 2018!

Sycamore Creek Saddles will be at the Midwest Horse Fair this April 20-22 2018!!

We are in the Exhibition Hall in Booth 2703.

Join Michaela, Darlene, Sawyer and Myself along with our Special guest from CTK Saddlery!!!

We will be answering questions and of course have several saddles to show you and also sell.  We can help you to understand back mapping and saddle fit.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Madison Wisconsin…

As always if you have any questions make sure to call or text Dawn at 828-387-7007